How to Track Child Location Photos/Calls/Messages/Videos etc

How to Track Child Location Photos/Calls/Messages/Videos etc

Five apps that can help you track child location, photos and messages, as well as calls, videos, and more.

Five apps that can help you track child location, photos and messages, as well as calls, videos, and more.
Five apps that can help you track child location, photos and messages, as well as calls, videos, and more.

It is crucial for every parent to ensure that their children are safe. It was difficult to monitor your children’s activities in the past. Now you can use the track your child app to monitor real-time locations, photos and text messages. The parental monitoring apps operate in stealth mode and allow you to track your children’s cell phone activities. There’s no need to be being a liar and you can find out what your children are up with, where they are at the moment and avoid them from engaging into immoral online activities.

Part 1. How to keep track of your child’s progress using the most effective app

Part 2. What information can you access with The Best Child Tracking Application (Except the Location)

– Part 3. Other 4 Apps to Monitor Your Child

Part 1. How to monitor your child’s progress with the top app

Part 1. How to monitor your child's progress with the top app
Part 1. How to monitor your child’s progress with the top app

As as a parent the welfare of your child is important to you, and you will do all you can to aid them. Today, children are engaged on social media platforms which leads to child exploitation. But with FreeMobileTracker, the leading tracking app for children You can keep an eagles eye on their cellular activities. The app for monitoring phones can assist you to check phone logs, web browsing history, the current location, messages, etc.. It works on Android phones and doesn’t require root access.

Why Use This App to Track Your Child?

This program comes with a a user responsive interface, which makes it simple accessing.

You can access the details of your call log and SMS status, and also the social media applications.

It will track your child’s exact GPS position and provide you with a tracker of their location.

Remotely check your child’s cell phone’s activities.

– It also helps you monitor your images, media files and even preview them in a selective manner.

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Steps by Step Guide on How to Use This Child Tracking App

Step 1. Step 1.

To start, you will be required to sign-up for a free account at FreeMobileTracker’s official website. It is necessary to sign up an email address that is valid and a password in order to complete the process. The setup wizard allows you to enter the name and the age of the person you want to sign up for and the operating system. Select Android.

Step 2. Step 2.

Now, download and install the FreeMobileTracker application on the target Android device. Start the application. Make sure you enable “Unknown sources”. Sign in using your official Fonemonitor account and allow with all the rights.

Hit the”Start Monitoring” button. The icon for the app will disappear from the list of apps and will then start the monitoring tool.

Step 3. Step 3.

To control the control panel, you’ll be required to sign into FreeMobileTracker. Choose the option you wish to monitor from the menu on the left and click Start Monitoring. You can select the location tab from the list of options to activate the this location tracker.

FreeMobileTracker tracks the cellular activity of iOS devices. It will not show you the current location, but it will display the location history of the device you want to track. You don’t even need to install the app on the device you want to use. You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. All you need is an iCloudID as well as a password.

Part 2. What information can you look up with the Best Child Tracking app (Except for geographical location)?

FreeMobileTracker is a fantastic track your child’s progress that can give astonishing results. The app doesn’t require users to reveal their the GPS location. However, it does offer these options:

You can see the text messages on your device without difficulty.

You can read or preview Whatsapp chats and conversations, as well as the attachments like audio and video images and files.

It lets you review the history of calls on your target device including contacts, duration, as well as cellular number.

It monitors effectively the browsing history on the target device. You can also see the full URL as well as the date and time at which you have visited it.

You can view the images and videos on your target device easily.

Part 3. Other 4 Apps To Track Your Child

1. Family Locator – GPS Locator

Family Locator is a powerful tool to track your children’s GPS location. It’s the best tracker for your child’s location application, and will notify you when your child isn’t in the desired location.

Key Features:

GPS Tracking to get precise results.

Monitor your child’s current location by using this app.

It allows you to track multiple people.


Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and later versions.

2. My Family GPS Tracker

It’s a special app that lets you easily follow the footprints of your child. Additionally, it lets you to communicate with your children in times of need.

Key Features:

– Provides a user-friendly interface that lets you know the location of your children.

The Kid Mode won’t allow your child to leave the area.


Compatible with 4.0.3 and higher versions of Android.

3. Locate My Children GPS Tracker

An effective app to track your child’s movements that you can use remotely to monitor your children. It immediately warns you when your children arrive at an area.

Here are some key highlights

Easy to use and gives solid results.

A unique feature that checks the battery level of the kids mobile.

– Notifies you immediately of the location of your child.


Compatible with Android 4.4 and higher versions

4. ESET Parental Control

This application provides you with advanced results about the current location. It tells you about the location history, SMS, web history , etc..

Key Features:

This app allows you to see the track history of your child.

It will also notify you about any other online activities your child has participated in.


Compatible with 4.3 and higher versions of Android.


Parents are worried about their children’s safety and cherish them. However, it’s difficult to be around them all the time. Nowadays, there are numerous applications to track your child’s progress, which assists you with their live GPS location and other cellular activities. While the majority of these apps only provide information about the GPS location, Fonemonitor offers additional services that allow you to track every cell phone activity and GPS location of your child.


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