Can I Hack My Phone By Calling Me?

Can I Hack My Phone By Calling Me?

The Best 10 Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for 2019

The Best 10 Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for 2019
The Best 10 Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for 2019

Smartphones are now the most essential asset for everyone. With one device, you can do several tasks. You may have concerns regarding your children, spouse or employees. In these cases you’ll want to check their cellular activity. Monitoring apps for phones enable users to track your phone for the person you are unsure about. There are several applications that allow you to monitor your cell phone activities, and each comes with their own unique capabilities. Here are the top monitoring apps that you could employ to spy on your phone.

Top 10 Stealth and Hidden Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone

1. FreeMobileTracker

1. FreeMobileTracker
1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker is a multi-functional monitoring application that works with both Android and IOS devices, can be used to monitor all of your mobile activity. It allows you to keep track of every cellular activity on the device that you are looking to track. It’s simple to use it allows you to remotely check out conversations and provide location-related information. Overall it tracks 29 different types of data to the user.


– Compatible with the major OS

A few clicks to monitor

Responsive interface designed for users

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2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy, a phone monitoring app that monitors SMS as well as other vital actions using your iPhone or Android smartphone is the top. The application offers the power to check out the SMS, call history as well as other important conversations on the social media platforms. The application remotely and virtually examines all relevant information. The icon for the application is concealed and spying is less difficult than using other software. This program requires rooting on the target device to allow monitoring of certain social media sites. Apple ID is required for iPhone devices. The interface is easy to use and just requires the device’s ID to be able to track.


– The application is not required to be downloaded onto the device to be used.

– Remotely track the SMS as well as all important conversations on social media.

You can download the application after installing it. Then, you can begin watching your cell’s activity.


No clear instructions are available for the user.

While overall it’s a good model, it isn’t perfect in all the most important aspects.

3. AppSpy

AppSpy is the top phone monitoring and tracking application. It lets you locate texts as well as call log history, real time GPS locations media files, and nearly all social networking websites as well as web browsing history. It is very easy to install and download and does not require jailbreaking. You can easily operate it with just three simple steps such as creating an account and then activating the AppSpy on the device you want to target. Then, you can monitor every cell activity using the control panel. The icon of the application can be removed or hidden when you’re using it. You can then secretly track the activity of your phone.


– Compatible with all major operating systems.

It is able to record the complete call history as well as capture screen shots.

– Jailbreaking or rooting of the device can be prohibited.

4. Mobile spy agent

It’s an excellent application for novices and professionals alike. It allows you to track the activities of your children and any other suspicious persons around you. You can monitor all inbound and outgoing messages and calls. The app that monitors phone calls will provide a great deal when it is in stealth mode.


– The stealth mode permits the app to remain hidden on the target device.

– Wonderful background tracking.


– Average customer service.

There are no online instructions.

5. PhoneSheriff

Like the name implies, PhoneSheriff performs the same function for monitoring the activities of the mobile phone of the targeted device. It is possible to monitor your phone’s all-encompassing activities with this software for monitoring phone activities. It is a sort of parental control program that permits you to block most of the applications and even restrict access to certain apps. Monitoring application allows you to monitor your children and alerts parents when they go to certain places. It is a trusted application to safeguard children and safe parenting. It guards against spyware, which is among its most notable features. It also comes with a built in camera option for additional security concerns.


The best parenting app that gives real-time tracking of the locations.

Also, it comes with an option of time limit limitations.

You can look up the history of your web browsing on the device that you want to monitor.


Installation process that is slow and frustrating

You can’t block websites.

6. mSpy

MSpy is an application designed for smart monitoring and tracking , which is compatible with Android and iOS. It runs behind the scenes, with the person who is being targeted being conscious. With this unique application you can view phone details, Whatsapp messages, locations texts messages, as well.. Most of spy applications weigh a lot and consume tons of storage space, and they also drain the battery. This application is lightweight and does not require any additional battery. It increases the security level, safety , and also enhances your surveillance activities. It offers a wide range of features, including spying on SMS calls, call logs, and real-time location tracking. It also helps protect your device from theft by providing an alerts.


This application works with all browsers.

It won’t be able to send notifications to the monitored device.

The best choice for beginners.


This program doesn’t record calls.

The application can be downloaded on the monitored device to enable spying.

7. FlexiSPY

FlexySPY can be a great choice for those who need to keep track of the Smartphone activities of a target person. FlexySPY is the top professional application for spying on the market. In any case, when you spy, you can check out both the audio and video activities on any Smartphone. The installation of this phone monitoring app is easy and is able to be utilized by any person. It allows you to instantly check the location of the target person. Mobile Vier App is also included in this program. It allows you to monitor your cell phone from faraway. This program can also search the messages sent via social media sites like Whatsapp.


It is simple to record calls.

This allows you to remotely capture the image.

Full access to all contacts and messages.


This application is not cost-free, and comes at a cost.

You can’t block the numbers remotely.

The application does not include swipe mode.

8. MobiStealth

It’s a surveillance and monitoring application that allows users to monitor the ambiguous situations caused by your spouse, kids or employees. Both mobile and desktop versions of the app are available. Remotely check your device’s location by using the GPS locator integrated into the app. There is no necessity of jail breaking or rooting the device. Due to its compatibility, it can be utilized with major operating systems, including Android as well as iPhone. You can monitor the target person even when you’re thousands of miles away. It is able to record the call details remotely, erase the data, and save the files. In addition, you are given the option of tracking the sent and received emails inside the device you monitor.


– Highly reliable and cost-effective.

Interface that is user-responsive

There is no need for rooting or jailbreaking.


You can’t block calls from a distance.

There is no established set of rules.

9. Spyera

This is among the most commonly used spyware apps that monitor the suspicious activities of someone on their phone. Parents concerned about their children can use this Android phone surveillance program. It is also able to monitor phone calls, and also use cameras to spy on children. The desktop and mobile version is also available for the users. You can do things like recording and live-calling. The alert function lets you check out the current location and get continuously updated.


– The control panel offers an alarm function that is specific to it.

This program also assists in hacking the passwords.


– This is a very expensive option that is difficult to manage.

– Customer service not up to mark.

10. Norton Family Premier

The phone monitoring app has multiple filters that give professional information. App blocking and restriction help parents and children to focus on the important things. You can track down every single detail of the specifically targeted Smartphone and which also covers the history of internet browsing.


You can block contact remotely.

– It is easily compatible with desktops, and it supports Android and iOS platforms.


It isn’t possible to see the time limitations.

Do not keep track of the monitoring of call logs.


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