2 Must-know Methods To Track A Stolen iPhone

2 Must-know Methods To Track A Stolen iPhone

How to Track an Stolen iPhone with 2 Simple Ways

How to Track an Stolen iPhone with 2 Simple Ways
How to Track an Stolen iPhone with 2 Simple Ways

There are a variety of reasons to be concerned if your iPhone has been stolen. In our modern world data can be used in many different ways. There are numerous ways to learn how to locate your iPhone. In addition, you have access to your data even without the device. Learn more to track your iPhone.

Part 1: How to Track a Stolen iPhone without Locating My iPhone

Part 2: How do you track a stolen iPhone even if it’s not on your computer

Part 3: Access to the iPhone Data Even if it is Stolen

Part 1. How to Find a Stolen iPhone, without having to search for My iPhone

Part 1. How to Find a Stolen iPhone, without having to search for My iPhone
Part 1. How to Find a Stolen iPhone, without having to search for My iPhone

The Find My iPhone app on your iPhone is a fantastic tool to locate lost devices and track data. If, however, the service isn’t activated on your device, it can’t find the device. But, you can do things to secure your data like:

Modify your Apple ID to prevent others from accessing your data.

Change the passwords on all your online accounts that are crucial for security, including Facebook.

The stolen or lost phone to your wireless provider to prevent the possibility of receiving.

You can report your stolen or lost phone to local law enforcement officials as well.

These steps will aid you in finding your lost or stolen device as quickly as you can. They will also help to prevent anyone from accessing your personal data.

Part 2. Locating a Stolen iPhone even if it is Off

If you are trying to find how to locate iPhone when it’s switched off, be aware that it’s impossible as without connectivity to the network it will be unable to share its location. However, you can still enable the”Find My iPhone” mode so that whenever your phone is powered on, you will almost immediately get an alert about the location of your phone.

Step 1. Step 1.

Log into your account on iCloud through You’ll be directed to the dashboard of your account. Select the”Find My iPhone” icon. After that, you will see the Find My iPhone interface, that will also include a map.

Step 2. Select Your Device and Begin Tracking

Select your missing device by selecting the “All Devices” dropdown menu. The list will show all Apple devices connected to this ID. If you own more than one device select the one you want. If successful, device tracking will begin and display its position. The phone will not show the location if it isn’t connected. However it will display the location immediately it’s in charge or is switched on. You can also switch-on the”Lost Mode” that will secure your phone, and also show a message that might be helpful if someone finds it and wishes to return it to you.

Part 3. Access the iPhone information even if the iPhone is stolen

FreeMobileTracker allows you to view the data on your iPhone without having to take your phone. It’s one of the simplest, fastest and most secure options, and what makes it different is a set of great features.

Why Pick this iPhone Data Tracker:

FreeMobileTracker can monitor more than 29 types of data.

It is easy and quick to determine the GPS coordinates of the desired device.

The program can be used across a variety of browsers and devices.

Remotely read text messages sent to your device.

FreeMobileTracker allows you to access your phone’s information when it has been taken or lost. The application can also be used to gain access to the phone’s data when you are not physically able to access it. Follow the below steps to find out how to track stolen iPhone information and gain access to it at any time you require.

Steps to Track the iPhone Data Even If it has been stolen

Step 1. Step 1. Register to a FreeMobileTracker service

FreeMobileTracker allows you to establish an account. Go to the FreeMobileTracker website and select the “Try it Now” button. This will start the “Create an account” window. For you to create your account it will require the necessary information like your email address. For your account, set up an account password. To create an account then click “Sign up”.

Step 2. Verify Your iCloud Account

When you’ve successfully registered on FreeMobileTracker Once you have registered, you’ll be required to enter the details of your iOS device that you want to track. The “Name and age of the target device owner” is required. You can also complete other details and click the “Next” button. Verify your iCloud ID on iOS. Click”Verify”.

Notification: To accurately monitor data with FreeMobileTracker The iOS device that has the iCloudID you are verifying has to have activated the option to sync backups and backups with iCloud.

Step 3. Step 3.

After confirming the username and password for iCloud, you will be directed to the control panel and all the data stored on the devices and app will be correctly synced in some time. FreeMobileTracker will update your information each time you log into your account. FreeMobileTracker is unable to update data when the iOS device is turned off.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Track a Stolen iPhone at:


FreeMobileTracker is a tool that can retrieve your Android phone if it is stolen or lost.


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