How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

How to Track a Lost iPhone or Android Phone

How to Track a Lost iPhone or Android Phone
How to Track a Lost iPhone or Android Phone

In this fast-paced and fast-paced environment of life smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. With an array of patterns, passwords and passcodes, users want to ensure their devices are secure. The phone password function allows the user to safeguard their device from unauthorised users. But, what if your device gets stolen or lost? We all know that an unpredicted situation can happen any moment, therefore you’ll need to make sure that your phone is set up to track your Android, iPhone or Windows phone. How do you track the lost phone? This is the ideal location to find the best solution to this problem. We’ll show you how to locate your Android, iOS or Windows phone.

– Part 1. How to track a lost Android Phone

Part 2. How to locate a lost iPhone

Part 3. How to track a lost Windows Phone

Part 4. What do you do if you lose or have your phone stolen?

Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone
Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone

FreeMobileTracker is a one-stop tool powered by a variety of amazing features, unlike other tools. FreeMobileTracker is an Android and iOS monitoring tool, makes parenting much easier and easier. FreeMobileTracker allows you to view information such as the location, text messages and calls history of the target device. Additionally, you can access videos and photos. To find the exact location of the device, it has to be the Android device. FreeMobileTracker is a low price and you have the option of several flexible subscription plans. Want to know how to track the lost phone? This section can help you locate the lost Android phone.

Why do you want to get this all-in-one phone tracker:

– Location tracking If your kids do not tell you where they are, then, try this amazing tool. This program allows you to remotely track the whereabouts of the device without knowing the specific device user.

– It operates in Stealth mode This is a further reason that makes FreeMobileTracker superior to other. FreeMobileTracker runs silently behind the target device and keeps track of any inputs that are made.

Track text messages This is the ideal option if you need to know more about your partner, child or employees. You’ll be able to access to messages from the target device app and show you sent and received SMS.

FreeMobileTracker Keylogger for Android Devices This feature records the inputs of the keyboard on the target device. Unfortunately, iOS devices do not include this feature.

Four Steps to Find down a Missing Android Phone

Step 1. Sign up

Go to the official FreeMobileTracker website with an internet browser. Click the “Sign up” button located at the top right corner. Click on “Sign up” to sign up for an account with FreeMobileTracker account. Enter your Email ID, password, and click

Step 2. Install FreeMobileTracker App on Target Android Phone

Now enter the information regarding the device you want to use Android device and choose the Android operating system.

Access the physical device of the desired Android device. Then, open and download FreeMobileTracker the apk. Enable Unknown sources by going to Settings Security – Securityand tapping on Unknown Sources to enable.

Download the FreeMobileTracker app, enter your FreeMobileTracker login details and then you can begin tracking.

Step 3. Start Tracking the Real-time location of someone.

To access the FreeMobileTracker dashboard online, visit the official FreeMobileTracker website. To check the whereabouts of the device you want to track select “Location” in the dashboard.

Download FreeMobileTracker for Tracking a Lost iPhone, Android or Windows Phone at: FreeMobileTracker Best Mobile Tracker App For Android.

Some Android devices have FreeMobileTracker installed.

Part 2. How to track the location of a lost iPhone in real-time

Find my iPhone is a excellent location tracking application created by Apple to locate the live whereabouts of iDevice. Locate your iPhone through Find My iPhone if it is lost or stolen. There are two options to access the lost iPhone with Find My iPhone. You can track the whereabouts using iCloud or another iPhone/iPad. We are using iCloud to track the location of a lost iPhone. Before you begin these steps, ensure that Find My iPhone is enabled on the lost iPhone device. This is the best solution for your issue on finding the phone that was lost.

Follow these simple steps to locate a missing iPhone or iPad

Step 1: To start the iCloud web client, you must use the web browser.

Step 2 2. Enter the iCloud ID login details which includes iCloud ID username and password.

Step 3: After your iCloud account is successfully logged in you will need to select the “Find iPhone” icon.

Step 4: Apple Map will be displayed on the screen. Click on the All Devices downarrow to select your lost iPhone device.

Step 5: After that you’ll see three modes , including Play sound mode as well as lost mode and erase.

– Play Sound: When you hit the Play Sound, the device will play a constant sound at the highest volume. This function is helpful in the event that your device is vibrating or is quiet.

– Lost mode You can enter your mobile number to use the lost feature. The number will be displayed on the screen. The number will be useful should someone find your device.

If your phone contains confidential data, you have the option to erase it. To erase all information stored on your iPhone’s lost device Click on erase.

Part 3. How to locate a lost Windows Phone

Windows Phone comes with Find My Phone capabilities that enable users to locate their Windows Phone. This feature is great and will keep your device secure and safe.

Simple Steps to Track the missing Windows Phone

Step 1: You will need to open the settings on your Windows phone, and then navigate to Privacy.

Step 2: Tap on the address and turn on the Find My Phone feature.

Step 3: Open a web browser on your computer and type and hit on”Enter” button.

Step 4: Login to your Microsoft account and then click the “Find My Phone” button under the device options.

Step 5: A map will be displayed on the screen. It will have similar options like Play Sound Locate, Play Sound Erase.

Step 6: Press the Locate button to see the location live of your Windows Phone.

Part 4. Part 4.

Change Credentials

You can first modify your login credentials. This applies to email, cloud storage bank accounts, banking and more. It is always advised by security experts to immediately change your account password in order to avoid future problems.

Contact Cellular Network Service Provider

Your cell phone’s network provider must be contacted for a change to your mobile phone’s details. This will help the cellular service provider to locate the device and block all service that is outgoing and inbound.

Notify your employers.

You can notify your employers should you lose your mobile for access to company emails and apps. This will permit the company’s confidential data to be protected. Perhaps the IT department can remotely erase all company data associated with your account.

Contact the Bank

The most crucial thing to do in the event that you lose your mobile. If someone finds your device it could be a gateway to sensitive information such as credit card numbers and other personal data. The bank branch in your area can help secure your credit or debit card as well as your online banking and banking information.


Do you want to know how to track a lost phone? Here in this article, we have covered the best ways to track the exact location of lost Android, iPhone, and Windows phone location. This article is a safe bet since every technique has been thoroughly tested before I wrote it.


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