Top 11 Mobile Phone Trackers Online With Mobile Number

Top 11 Mobile Phone Trackers Online With Mobile Number

The Most Effective 11 Free Online Trackers by Mobile Number

The Most Effective 11 Free Online Trackers by Mobile Number
The Most Effective 11 Free Online Trackers by Mobile Number

Are you seeking an opportunity to determine who stole your phone? There are a variety of options we can utilize to locate a stolen phone without involving the police. Locating real-time location of the mobile you’ve stolen is feasible with phones number tracking apps as well as an online tracker software. To prevent these issues simply download the mobile number tracker applications on your smartphone. To learn more in depth, look over this article in full. We will be talking about the free online phone tracker by mobile number with one click process.

– Part 1. The 4 Best Online Number Trackers

Part 2. The 3 Best Free Mobile Number Tracker App for Android

Part 3. The 3 Best Free Mobile Number Tracker App for the iPhone

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Part 1. The 4 Best Mobile Number Tracker Online with Location

Part 1. The 4 Best Mobile Number Tracker Online with Location
Part 1. The 4 Best Mobile Number Tracker Online with Location

1. GPS Mobile Phone Locator

GPS cell phone locator is a cost-free online phone tracker using a mobile number. It can be used to track down lost or stolen phones in any part of the world. This tool for tracking phones is available on all devices. Enter your mobile number in the search field and then click to search the number.


It’s simple to find a phone by just a click.

There is no other software that allows anyone to track their mobile phone all hours of the day.

The server of such service provider is extremely secure by the latest algorithm.

It works with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices.

It doesn’t require any additional software to use the application.


It does not work on Symbian, Firefox or other mobile OSes.

This is not possible to locate the device if the lost or stolen device is switched off.

2. Free Phone Tracer

Mobile number tracker that is free with location is another option. It will track the location of your mobile number that you have lost when you enter it. It will track mobile numbers as well as landline phone numbers.


The website is safe thanks to McAfee’s security software.

It’s quick and easy to locate a telephone number.

It’s easy to access the internet, and it’s safe.


Only those numbers that are located in the United States can be tracked.

Register to track your mobile or landline number.

3. Online GPS Tracker for Phones

Online GPS phone tracker makes tracking phones more simple and convenient. It is a mobile online phone tracker you can utilize for free. It supports the top telecom operators around the world.


Mobile number is trackable from any location throughout the world.

You don’t require any third-party app installed on your device.

It compatible with Android, iOS, and blackberry.


It is only functional if the stolen or lost device is turned on.


Trace Number Number is a web-based website that provides free number tracking for mobile phones. The service is easy to use and does not require any technical expertise. It is very easy to track mobile number. Simply type in your mobile number in the trace field and hit the trace button.


It will provide you with 100 100% precision.

This service allows you to track mobile and landline numbers.


This service for mobile tracking can monitor Indian mobile numbers.

Part 2. The Top 3 Mobile Number Tracker apps for Android

1. Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator, a free application for tracking your phone’s location, is available. It is created for devices that runs on the Android operating system. It includes Google Maps feature that lets us to know the exact location of our device visually.


It’s also possible to locate a device that’s gone missing or stolen even though it’s not connected to an internet connection.

This tool allows us to review call logs on an abandoned device.


This service is limited to India, Pakistan, Canada, and the United States.

If you have a number that is portable then, this is not your case.

2. Mobile Number Tracker

This application monitors the position of your Android device and is designed for Android OS. This mobile number tracker that tracks current location can provide information about the services provider, the state, as well as the location details of the device.


It is possible to see the exact whereabouts of your current location via the integrated Global position system map.

The whole procedure of tracking is free at no cost.


India is not able to use this phone number tracking service.

To allow the place to be shown in real-time, the device should be switched on.


This is one the most popular mobile phone number tracking applications available through the Google Play Store. It is possible to determine the exact name of the caller by using the feature of calling ID. It also has a call blocking feature that will stop unwanted calls.


You can track the phone number even when your device isn’t connected to the internet. It will show you caller ID, STD code, and ISD.

It also lets us view the location of lost or stolen device on a map.

They have 12,982 cities are saved in their database.


This device can be used with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

Part 3. The 3 Best Free Mobile Number Tracker App for iPhone

1. Number Locator

It is a no-cost online phone tracker using a mobile number available for iOS devices. It was designed to track purposes by Elegant Recursion Inc.. It is as simple as entering a mobile number in the text field that you would like to follow.


It is available online and offline.

The app is compatible with iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The interface for users of this app is neat and appealing.


This app is not completely free. You will need to upgrade the premium version in order to enjoy all of its features.

Only available on iOS devices

2. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Mobile Number tracker Pro makes it simple to track iPhones remotely using your phone number. The Mobile Number Tracker app is available on Apple App Store is the most popular and the best. It can hack iPhones by numbers. The main reason behind the popularity of this number tracker online that is free with location is accuracy and an easy user interface. It is available for free on the App Store.


It has more than 200 countries’ number databases including mobile operators as well as registered circles.

Its interface for users is simple and more user-friendly than other app for mobile tracking. Any layman can easily make use of this app without difficulty.

You can directly make a call and sent SMS to someone else using its integrated feature.


The device needs to be connected to the internet to keep track of the any mobile phone number.

Maps can be difficult to find lost or stolen devices.

3. Truecaller Phone Number Tracker

Truecaller can be utilized for both Android and iOS as a caller ID app. You can track the location and phone number of anyone that you would like to follow through its phone number tracking feature. It is basically an application that crowdsources the data from other users.


Truecaller’s phone number tracker is compatible with 3D Touch Action. This helps you to respond immediately.

It will provide you with accurate information about your mobile number such as location, name and more.


This application requires that your device be running iOS 8 or higher.

Truecaller cannot function without an Internet connection.

Recommendation The Safest Online iPhone and Android Activity Tracker

FreeMobileTracker can track down phones that are stolen or lost, with no owner’s information. It is possible to use this application if your device is running on an Android or iOS operating system. The main motive for designing this application is monitoring of kids. The app allows parents to observe their children’s activities using mobile phones. FreeMobileTracker can also screen text SMS, call history as well as live-time location, call recording and much more. The actions are possible without jailbreak or root access. It is available for download in a both paid and free versions. You will only be able to use the basics features in the free version. However, the paid subscription plan includes every single feature that FreeMobileTracker can offer in a set.

Why You Should Use This Web-based iPhone and Android Activities Tracker

Screen Text SMS: FreeMobileTracker allows you to look at the SMS that was that are received and sent by the intended Android/iOS device. We can view every single send and received SMS on the device that is being monitored.

FreeMobileTracker’s feature for location allows you to monitor the exact location of your target device. Simply, select a location to see the exact location of the Android device.

FreeMobileTracker isn’t quite as easy as you’d like. View call history: It’s hard to look up the call history on the device you want to target. You can check the number of incoming outgoing, missed and missed calls by engaging with FreeMobileTracker.

Keylogger: Do you want to unlock the password of an Android user? Keylogger is a feature offered by FreeMobileTracker, you can easily examine every single alphanumeric digit entered by the user on the target Android device’s keyboard.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at:


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