Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps For Phones

Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps For Phones

The Top 10 Call Tracker Apps Available For Android and iPhone

The Top 10 Call Tracker Apps Available For Android and iPhone
The Top 10 Call Tracker Apps Available For Android and iPhone

The Play Stores have mobile monitoring software. These apps are crucial to use in order to protect your children, spouse, and family members. Social media apps are very popular these days and encourage people to engage in immoral or illegal activities. It’s okay to not track someone’s phone calls using an app called call tracker, or check which website they visit, but at times it’s important to be aware of what they are dealing with. It’s difficult to remain in touch with their heads to check on the situation. But with such phone monitor applications, you can keep track of and protect your spouse, child or even your company.

Part 1. The 5 best Android Call Tracker Apps

Part 2. The 5 Best iPhone Call Tracking Apps

Part 3. How to Track Cell Phone Call Texts and SMS sent from another Phone or Computer

Part 1. The Top 5 Best Android Call Tracker Apps

Part 1. The Top 5 Best Android Call Tracker Apps
Part 1. The Top 5 Best Android Call Tracker Apps

1. FreeMobileTracker

Now, you have FreeMobileTracker it is the most accurate call tracker app of all time. Now you can easily track calls, messages, and other important details on the device you want to track. It is possible to remotely control the target device and retrieve the required information without having to come up with an announcement. This application comes in compatibility with all the major operating systems, including Android as well as iOS.

Important Features of FreeMobileTracker Call Tracker Application

FreeMobileTracker is a call tracker application which allows you to access details such as messages, call logs and contacts.

– You can easily monitor the location in real-time with the GPS locator.

“With FreeMobileTracker displays web browsing information and visited websites of the device.

App Compatibility:

– It’s compatible with 4.0 and up versions of Android.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder, a well-known app to track calls on Android phones is among the most popular. You can use the features of this application to track each cell phone call that is made on the device. The app is readily available on play store and features a intuitive interface that allows users to record calls with ease. This application lets you record any phone call and save it to. You are able to share the recording or include notes. It allows you to save the call , and then sync it with Google Drive or Dropbox.

The Key Features of the Automatic Call Recorder

– Simple to install, user-friendly interface

You can save recorded calls to cloud storage.

It is easy to see calls through phone numbers Contacts, numbers, and other details.


– The voice recording isn’t very clear, nor is it audible.

– The free version contains ads that can be annoying.

App Compatibility:

Compatible with Android-2.3+

3. Caller Recorder Automated

Call Recorder is an Android call tracker app, has been designed for Android devices. This application is enabled with advanced recording algorithm which records the call on demand when you make or receive an call on your phone. You can easily organize all recorded content after you have finished your work.

Call Recorder – Key Features Automatically

– This app can automatically record all the applications.

Recorded calls can be easily shared and listen to.

You can sort calls by number either by contact or group.


This does not work with all of the music players that listen to the recorded calls.

– The free version is accompanied by advertisements and you must purchase the upper version.

App Compatibility:

Compatible with Android 4.1.1 and later versions

4. Call Recorder

Call Recorder A program that records all calls , whether incoming or outgoing, is protected by Lovekara. It’s a trusted and user-friendly application for Android users. It can also save your files in the format of mp3 for simple monitoring of recorded calls.

The Key Features of Call Recorder

The app is completely free.

It can record calls automatically, without trouble.

– It saves the recordings in mp3 format.


– Inability to delete multiple files at the same time

Do not correspond to a high quality voice recording.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android 4.1 and up.

5. Hidden Auto call recorder

Hidden Auto Call Recorder is a call recorder app with many options, is readily available. In the stealth mode, it is possible to record both inbound as well in outgoing calls. It’s easy to install and use on any Android device. You can also easily manage the voice recording history and delete the unneeded documents.

Hidden Auto Call Recorder Key Features:

This app uses autopilot mode to automatically record every phone call.

Call recordings are able to be played back and shared.

The recordings of calls can be sent via Bluetooth or sent as text messages.


Voice recording quality is not at an optimal standard.

This app does not support the majority of the music applications.

App Compatibility:

Compatible with Android4.0.3 and upper versions.

Part 2. The 5 Top iPhone Call Tracker Apps

1. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the most popular telephone monitoring and call tracker application for iOS and Android. This app operates in the background and provides all the information needed. TheTruthSpy helps you monitor text messages, calls and even location. It also allows you to connect to social networks like WhatsApp.

TheTruthSpy’s Main Features:

It lets you keep track of call log information on your device of choice.

You can spy on location, SMS, email, etc.

This application will protect you from theft attempts.


This app isn’t able to record calls.

– Download his application to the device of your choice.


The app works with iOS 8.4, 9.0- 9.1.

2. Highster Mobile

Highster mobile is a different app that allows you to track the activity on your cell phone Android as well as iOS phones. It lets you view the details of your call log as well as read text messages. This application is user-friendly and user-friendly.

Highster Mobile Key Features:

The software has a responsive user interface that is easy to use.

You can remotely monitor the details of your call log, social media conversations and track the current location.


It is lacking some essential aspects on the control panel.


This app is compatible with iOS 8 and later.

3. FlexiSPY

Flexispy is a powerful tool to monitor and track the mobile activities of the target device. The flexible control panel makes it possible you to monitor call logs, GPS locations, as well as other mobile activity.

The Principal Features of FlexiSPY

It tracks Email, Whatsapp and calls details, for example.

Remotely capture screen shots.


It’s more costly than other call tracker applications.


This app is compatible with iOS 6.0-11.x.

4. MobiStealth

Mobi Stealth is the best alternative if you’re looking to monitor your spouse, employees or children’s cellular devices. You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device. You can monitor your target device with the latest surveillance technology.

MobiStealth’s Main Features:

Very affordable and economical in the natural world

– No jailbreaking required for this application.


– The demo guidelines aren’t suitable for users.


This app is compatible with iOS 9 and above.

5. Mobile Spy Agent

It’s a great spy agent which can monitor mobile activities in both Android and iOS. This fantastic spy call recorder app lets you track the browser activity, incoming and ongoing calls, as well as the apps installed.

The Essential Characteristics of Mobile Spy Agency

The stealth mode of the app allows you to prevent the app from being visible on the target device.

This application lets you easily monitor the GPS position, location, and SMS call history.


– It does not provide good customer support.


It works with iOS 2.x as well as 6.x.

Part 3. Recording the Cell Phone Call Logs from Other Phones or Computers.

FreeMobileTracker is the most popular call tracker app. It lets you look up information from other phones. There are occasions when you’ll have to know the cellular activities the child, spouse, or even your partner. FreeMobileTracker and other phone monitoring applications can assist in this endeavor remotely. It is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, and includes iOS 11. It helps you monitor the location in real-time information, call logs, and web browsing details, messages , and other stuff on the target device.

Why do you choose this mobile app to track calls on your phone:

FreeMobileTracker FreeMobileTracker allows you to track the call logs, SMS contact details, as well as other important information.

By using a GPS locator, you will be able to track the exact location of the device of your choice.

FreeMobileTracker allows you to easily review your history of web browsing and visited websites.

Remotely monitor mobile activity and any conversations using Social Apps from the target device.

You can test media files on your device you are targeting, for instance, videos or images, by selecting the desired file.

Easy Steps to trace someone’s cell phone Calls and SMS

Make use of FreeMobileTracker to verify the information on other phones. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Create FreeMobileTracker Account

FreeMobileTracker demanded you to set up an account. You can access its official website. To sign in, enter a valid email address and password.

Step 2. Step 2.

After logging in, you have to give the information of the person you want to contact and the device that you wish to target such as the name as well as the Age. You can then choose the operating system. Two options are available: iOS as well as Android.

3. Step 3.

Once you select Android the app, you’ll have to install FreeMobileTracker’s SMS tracker application and then download it. You must enable “Unknown sources” before you can launch this application. Sign in to FreeMobileTracker and sign in with your permission.

The app for monitoring phones allows you to monitor the iOS devices too, however you don’t need to install it o the target device. It does not require jailbreaking but all you need is iCLoud ID and a password to access the device you want to target.

Step 4. Begin Monitoring

Then, click “Start Monitoring”. The FreeMobileTracker icon that appears in the drawer of the app will disappear, signalling that the tool has been activated. Log in again using the FreeMobileTracker account and access the Control Panel. This allows you to spy on the target phone.


You can make use of different call tracker applications to monitor the cellular activity of the target device. However, they are usually equipped with limited capabilities. FreeMobileTracker can help users with the most recent capabilities. It monitors remotely every event and generates detailed reports.

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