The Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking Software And Apps

The Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking Software And Apps

The Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

The Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software
The Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used social media platform. It allows you to make calls or chat as well as share files with your family and friends. The majority of people use this application in a negative way which is why it is essential to verify the WhatsApp activities. What can you do to track WhatsApp activities of suspects? It’s now easy with phone monitoring apps. These apps allow you to view the attachments as well as chat conversations. This page lists the top phone monitoring apps that allow users to keep track of WhatsApp activity on the targeted device.

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Apps

Part 2. How to track WhatsApp messages, Photos and Videos easily


Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Tracking Apps

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Tracking Apps
Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Tracking Apps

1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker is the best spying application which allows you different options for how to trace WhatsApp. Its user-friendly and secure control panel makes checking WhatsApp messages, GPS location Web browsing history, and call log details easy. This app comes with compatbality with both Android and ioS devices, which makes it a reliable option for the users.

Why Recommend This WhatsApp Tracking App:

The tool is compatible with the Android and iOS devices.

It worked on social media apps like WhatsApp.

This tool allows you to monitor call logs including text messages, phone calls, and even contacts.

You may also verify the exact location of the target device.


It is compatible with the most recent versions of Android 7.0 and iOS 11.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at: Visit the website.

2. SpyStealth

SpyStealth will answer all your queries regarding how to track WhatsApp. The app for monitoring is trustworthy and reliable. Anyone can use the app, and it comes with many features that make it easy for them to spy on the targeted device. It’s easy to track WhatsApp activity, cell phone activities as well as the messages that are sent and received.

SpyStealth Key Features:

An efficient, simple to use monitoring app.

The app offers a variety of options for monitoring, as well as features.

Follow WhatsApp messages and other content with ease


– Being good and reliable tool, it does not have any good reviews from users to date.


It’s compatible with iOS 9.x and Android.

3. The Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is another trustworthy cellular monitoring app. The app tracks WhatsApp activities on Android devices. This app is not only for the social media sites, but also monitors the history of browsing, Facebook and GPS location tracking, among others..

The Spymaster Pro: Key Features

This application offers an intuitive user interface, unlimitable options to monitor devices, as well as a plethora of choices.

The application is able to observe Viber, Facebook and WhatsApp usage on the target device.

This app is similar with other applications in terms of price.


It is not recommended to make installments on a monthly basis. However, you could make the possibility of recurring payments.


This application is compatible with Android 6 Marshmallow or 7.

4. Highster Mobile

The app is a highly-rated monitoring tool that allows you to monitor people’s WhatsApp conversation, and is especially suitable for Android Devices. It provides a single payment option and a user-friendly interface. The app can be installed on the phone of the target and it will transfer the information to your online account. It allows you to easily track WhatsApp activities, check the call logs and messages.

Principal Features of Highster Mobile:

– Features a user-friendly interface. Simply install it to receive regular reports through your online account.

A single payment is required. It’s much less expensive than other apps.


The app is only with basic functions and most recent updates.


It works with it with Android 2.1 or later versions. For iOS versions it supports iPhone 7 and iOS 10.x.

5. Surepoint Spy

Surepoint, another Android spying app, allows you to track the WhatsApp activity of your targeted device. It lets you easily access the WhatsApp messages from your spouse, children , and employer’s devices. It is simple to install and provides quality services to its users.

Important features of Surepoint Spy:

This application gives you easy access to WhatsApp activities on the targeted device.

It is easy to install and use

It has a good reputation with regard to reviews from customers.

You can also look up your history of browsing on the web or check your contact information as well as check your texts.


– You cannot block unwanted websites or other applications with this application.


This app is compatible with Android 2.3 and up versions.

Part 2. How to Monitor WhatsApp Photos, Messages, and Videos with ease

Are you struggling with issues like how to track WhatsApp? FreeMobileTracker is a great choice to track social media apps such as WhatsApp is now available. It also offers other fantastic spying features as well to look up the history of your web browsing including call log information, messages etc..

Why Should You Choose This WhatsApp Tracker:

It also monitors text messages and call logs, and other social media platforms.

– Tracks and displays the exact location of the device using GPS.

It is possible to view WhatsApp chat conversations and chat messages, as well as the shared files.

– You can also preview files, such as videos or images using the device of your choice.

Easy Steps to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp Messenger Messages, Pictures, and Videos

Step 1. Sign up for FreeMobileTracker. FreeMobileTracker

Visit the official site of FreeMobileTracker to register your account. Enter your valid Email address and password , then click Sign up. After that, you will be able register for a free account with FreeMobileTracker.

Step 2. Enter the details of the targeted Device

You’ll need to enter the device’s information, including the “Name” and the “Age” as appropriate. Select from iOS or Android.

3. Step 3.

Install FreeMobileTracker first to track WhatsApp installed on Android phones.

Install this application onto your Android device if you want to keep track of it. Once you have installed the application, launch and sign up using your FreeMobileTracker account. You will then need to choose Allow Permissions for FreeMobileTracker. As you click on Start Monitoring the app icon will disappear and this indicates the app is running.

You can also track iPhone WhatsApp messages and photos effortlessly.

You will need the iCLoud Username and Password to monitor the iOS device. You’ll have to verify the credentials after you enter them later.

Step 4. Step 4.

Access the control panel to see how FreeMobileTracker syncs your device data. For iPhones, click “WhatsApp” While for Android, select “Social Apps”, and then “WhatsApp”.


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