The Top 10 Snapchat Spy Apps

The Top 10 Snapchat Spy Apps

How To Spy Snapchat Snapchat Free and Online

How To Spy Snapchat Snapchat Free and Online
How To Spy Snapchat Snapchat Free and Online

This modern society is not missing anyone who has had the pleasure of having heard of Snapchat. Snapchat is the most revolutionary social media site that is growing in popularity lately. It’s because it permits users to share multimedia messages for example, videos and images, with each other. This has created privacy issues for kids, specifically. Children can accidentally share the most private of details through their Snapchat stories, which leaves them susceptible to cyber-attacks and online bullying. Parents are concerned about the safety of their kids. Parents need Snapchat spyware-free tools to protect their children.

Part 1. FreeMobileTracker Snapchat Spy How to track someone’s Snapchat

Part 2. Other 9 Apps to Monitor Someone’s Snapchat at no cost

Part 1. FreeMobileTracker Snapchat Spy How to Monitor Someone’s Snapchat

Part 1. FreeMobileTracker Snapchat Spy How to Monitor Someone's Snapchat
Part 1. FreeMobileTracker Snapchat Spy How to Monitor Someone’s Snapchat

Do you want to observe on someone else’s Snapchat without them knowing? FreeMobileTracker allows you to spy on Snapchat without sharing their personal information. FreeMobileTracker allows you to monitor on someone’s smartphone activities regardless of whether they are either an Android or iPhone. It can track Snapchat messages pictures video, messages, and stories and who sent or received the messages. Moreover, it can also be used to watch the target’s text messages or call logs WhatsApp messages and browsing logs, app use, etc.. Apart from that it’s simple to utilize FreeMobileTracker software to monitor your phone because of its clean interface.

Install the FreeMobileTracker spying application on the targeted Android phone to spy on it. But you don’t have to worry about the person discovering the app and then uninstalling it. The app icon will not be seen anywhere except in the application manager. Additionally, it uses the minimum of resources like processor, RAM, battery, etc.. It’s possible to use this Snapchat spy tool to track on iPhones with no applications or jailbreaking them. If you want to spy on Snapchat of someone else all you need is the target’s Snapchat username and password.

Why should you choose this tool to Spy Snapchat Online:

FreeMobileTracker Snapchat spy tool is free and can be used to track on both Android as well as iOS devices.

The call logs and text messages are viewable on the device in question. This will include information about contacts, duration of calls message content, call duration, and the time.

You can also view the WhatsApp, Facebook, and messages on line.

Users can also preview the images and videos on their device of their choice.

You can remotely spy on the activity of a Snapchat by using your own smartphone.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Spy on Snapchat Free and Online at: FreeMobileTracker Snapchat Spy.

FreeMobileTracker How to observe Snapchat activity of Snapchat

Step 1. Step 1. Join FreeMobileTracker to sign up for FreeMobileTracker

Visit the official site of FreeMobileTracker and hit the”Try it today” button to set up a FreeMobileTracker account. Enter your valid information such as Email address and password . Click on the”Sign up” button.

Step 2. Step 2.

In the next step, you’ll need complete the information on the target person (name age, gender, OS and the device). Android or iOS.

Step 3. Step 3.

You now need to set up the FreeMobileTracker according to the OS you chose. Both Android and iPhone have different setup processes.

For Android:

– Install the FreeMobileTracker App and install it on the device you want to target.

Start the app, and log in with your FreeMobileTracker account.

Select the “Start Monitoring” button to grant the app permissions.

for iPhone and iPad

Enter the Apple ID and password of the person you are targeting.

Click on “Verify” and wait for the process to be completed.

Step 4. Step 4.

Once you have created the target smartphone, open the FreeMobileTracker dashboard from your smartphone or the web browser. Click on”Social Apps” and then click on”Snapchat” option. The app will display all details about Snapchat on the device of the user.

Part 2. Additional 9 Apps To Spy on the person’s Snapchat for Free

1. NetSpy

NetSpy is among the best Snapchat spyware tools and is the most efficient at that. NetSpy is the most well-known tool and comes with numerous other options that let you track any device that you wish to. NetSpy is able to monitor messages and call logs from cell phones as well as messages along with web history as well as social networks such Snapchat, GPS location, and many other data.


There are a variety of spying options, including call, message and browser history monitoring.

It’s user-friendly and does not require any technical skills.

Excellent customer service team to help customers.


You must jailbreak the target iPhone for full potential.

2. Track My {Phone|Mobile Phone

NetSpy is no longer the best monitoring app. Track My Phone can be the next one to take on NetSpy. You can use this Snapchat spy software to monitor messages, calls and any other details about the target. Track My Phone allows you to trace messages and sends of the target’s Snapchat account.


You will receive detailed reports about the device you’ve been monitoring.

Can be used for remote tracking.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Customer support is not provided.

3. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is another well-known name in mobile tracking applications. FlexiSpy Snapchat spy tool allows you to track your children’s Snapchat activity. FlexiSpy is well-liked by many due to its efficiency and capability in monitoring Androids or iPhones. FlexiSpy also can be used for monitoring other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


It’s extremely efficient and effective in its operation.

It can also be used to track emails and text messages.

It can also track the target location using GPS location tracking.

You can also hide jailbreak information from the person who is using it.

Compatible with both iOS and Android


You will require jailbreaking the iPhone and then root your Android device.

There is no way to spy on Symbian, Blackberry devices.

4. WebWatcher

The tool can also be used to track iOS as well as Android devices. WebWatcher lets you view Snapchat messages on the phone of your target. But it’s not just restricted to Snapchat spying , but other social networking apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also use it to observe web browser’s history, call messages, logs, GPS locations, photos and other information stored of the device in question.


Compatible with Android and iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Mac

It’s very easy to set up and use.

It can also track the location of your target place making use of GPS location tracking.

It doesn’t require Jailbreak or rooting.

Securely stores private information and data.


Many bugs and mistakes.

5. Mobile-Spy

However, it doesn’t have the same features as NetSpy or any other previously discussed Snapchat software, it’s a spyware-free tool. It lets you observe the activities on your target device. You can view text messages, WhatsApp and Facebook messages as well as call sent and received, locations of GPS, websites visited, calls made and received and received, contact details as well as memos and blocked apps. You can also connect to all of this remotely. It’s a good option for monitoring an individual’s Snapchat remote as it transmits complete reports to your device of choice.


Allows tracking of apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

It can be used via the internet.

Gives GPS location of the target.

To control the target device, send SMS commands


Only compatible with Android devices

Blackberry and iPhone versions compatible with it were discontinued.

6. TheTruthSpy

Many tools allow spying on the activity of a person’s Snapchat, but TheTruthSpy is the one that provides the best experience. TheTruthSpy was created to allow parents to monitor their kids’ Snapchat and WhatsApp activities. It was designed to safeguard parents from cyberbullying and other dangers that arise from the social media use of their children. As opposed to other Snapchat spy free tools the one we have here is designed to monitor WhatsApp and Snapchat usage.


Can be used for GPS location tracking such as call logs, messages as well as the history of a browser, voice memos and much more..

You can also view Snapchat or WhatsApp messages. Snapchat or WhatsApp messages on the target device.

Compatible with iOS & Android

The program is hidden in the background.


Premium versions come with a host of extra features.

7. SpyBubble

SpyBubble SpyBubble is yet another Snapchat spyware tool that utilizes the most recent technology for monitoring smartphones. SpyBubble’s easy-to-use program is easy to use. SpyBubble provides easy access to emails and call logs, and also WhatsApp, IM, iMessages, WhatsApp, and other information from target devices. Remotely control your target device via SMS commands. Block activity on target devices from remote locations.


SpyBubble can be used to track additional information on the target device.

Remotely control the device using SMS commands

You can remotely block applications

It’s secure and safe.


It is not a hidden application. The app is detected by the user and they’re able to remove it in a matter of minutes.

8. Highster Mobile

Another well-known app, Highster Mobile, allows you to monitor the Snapchat activity of your child. This application is one of the most effective tools for monitoring people’s Android and iOS activities. Highster Mobile allows you to connect to the entire device including Snapchat and WhatsApp. The camera can be used remote from your phone.


Spy tool of high-end quality that’s extremely user-friendly

This lets you know precisely where you have placed your device.

Compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Remote control of devices

Record voice and calls on the device of your choice.


This is not a method to track Blackberry and Windows devices.


ISpyoo lets you browse snap stories and to read Snapchat conversations. This app allows parents to see snap stories as well as read Snapchat chats. You can view your web browsing history, emails, along with messages from social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp.


Simple interface, easy to use

You are also able to access the device’s library of media.

It lets you listen to calls on the target device.


It isn’t compatible with Blackberry and Windows phones.


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