How Do You Track A Cell Phone's Location Without The Need To Install Software

How Do You Track A Cell Phone’s Location Without The Need To Install Software

5 Tips on How to Find a Cell Phone’s Location Without the need to install software

5 Tips on How to Find a Cell Phone's Location Without the need to install software
5 Tips on How to Find a Cell Phone’s Location Without the need to install software

Many people are tired of searching for methods to locate a mobile phone without the need to install any software. But, we’ve been in a position to offer a wide range of methods that allow you to track the phone’s location without installing any software. There are certain limitations to this method. How can other spyware applications be utilized in stealth mode in order to monitor the location of the target device? This is the method we will be discussing in this post.

Part 1. Can I track a Cell Phone’s location without installing any software

Part 2. Two Common Methods to Track the location of a cell phone without installing any software

Part 3. What are the Limitations for Tracking a Cell Phone’s Location Without Installing Software

Part 4. Alternative Methods to Locate a Cell Phone Without Installing Software

Part 1.

Part 1.
Part 1.

It is manageable that you can track phones without the need to install software. There are instances that your phone gets lost or stolen. You may also be able to check your child’s location without the need to install any phone monitoring software. Numerous operating systems have these features, which allow you to monitor the mobile phone of the user. Smart phones allow you to track and access the GPS location. However, most of the times these devices may not work all that well, especially if the device is switched off, or there is no mobile network, or the GPS is unenabled.

If you’re using Android, you have Android device manager, which lets you track your device.

If you’re using iOS you can use Lost Phone or Find My Phone that can effortlessly trace the iOS device location

Part 2. Two common methods to locate Your Cell Phone’s Location without Installing Software

Some operating systems have built-in device tracking features that lets you track the location of your phone without installing software.

For Tracking iOS Cell Phone Location Using iCLoud Without Installing Software

Apple devices come with an integrated Find My iPhone Feature. But activation is necessary. If you don’t activate it, it’ll be difficult to use the feature. Follow the steps below to activate it.

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and select your Apple ID. Next, select iCLoud. You can then look up Find My iPhone to activate it.

Step 2: When you’ve successfully activated it, it allows you to monitor your iOS device using iCloud via any internet browser.

Step 3: Go to and sign in with your details.

Step 4: Choose Find My iPhone now and click on it.

Step 5: Next, select All Devices. Search for or erase the device you want to delete. You may choose to erase, lock, alert, or lock your iOS device by selecting the device.

For Tracking Android Cell Phone Location using Android Device Manager, without installing Software

Android users have now the capability of locating their device using the Android device manager. This feature is available in all Android devices. If you are still using an older version then you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Initially you need to connect your Google Account to your Android device. If you use ADM later, you will be able find the device.

Step 2: Sign into your Google Account. You will get a dashboard with your device, along with some options.

Step 3: In addition to looking for the exact location, you can also request a locking device or deletion of the device. You could even play the sound in the alarm.

Part 3. What are the limitations to Track A Cell Phone Location without installing software

There are some limitations that you can’t locate your phone without installing any software.

The Results Could Not Be as Accurate

The ability to track the mobile phone’s location without installing software could be beneficial, it’s not certain that it will yield excellent results. There are also chances of not being able to identify the device in question.

The spy applications come with additional featureslike:

Spy apps that use advanced search algorithms provide more than GPS Locations. They’re completely silent and will retrieve every piece of information like call logs, internet browsing details, texts messages, etc.

Part 4. Alternative Methods to Track a Cell Phone’s Location Without Installing Software

FreeMobileTracker allows you to track the current location and history of the device remotely. You can then look up the location, and find out if the individual is lying about where he has been recently. Although the data about background of the location, this tool offers a different advantage. It allows you to view call log information as well as contact information, notes, calendars, and SMS history. It also tracks social media activities. It is compatible with every major operating system, which includes Android and iOS. To monitor your smartphone, you don’t have to jailbreak or root it.

Why Should You Use This Cell Phone Location Tracker?

FreeMobileTracker allows for you to determine the precise location of the phone and show other information.

It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You can access all the details on the device including texts, call details and contacts.

It lets you view the history of browsing on the device of your choice.

– The media files, including images and videos, can be watched on the targeted device now.

Get FreeMobileTracker App for Tracking A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software: how to track mobile phones for free.

Simple Step for the Alternative Method of Tracking a Cell Phone’s location without installing Software

Step 1. Sign up

For this, you have to go to FreeMobileTracker official website through the search engine and sign-up to get a free account. In order to sign up, you need fill in a valid email address and password. You can now visit the setup wizard and enter the details of the target user or device. You can enter the name, date of birth, and operating system. Choose from the available choices to select Android or iOS.

Step 2. Step 2.

If you choose Android the app will be necessary to download the FreeMobileTracker app. Before you can launch the app, it is important to enable “Unknown sources”.

Sign into FreeMobileTracker and choose to allow all permissions. To begin spying, press”Start Monitoring” button. After this you will see the app icon get disappeared from the home page , which shows that the application is operating.

Step 3. Step 3.

Log into the FreeMobileTracker account and go to the control panel. The left-hand side of your screen will show you the “Location tab. Click it to view the exact location of the target. If you are spying on an iOS device, it will not give you exact location, but you can check the “Location History”.

FreeMobileTracker can be utilized on iOS devices, but you don’t have to install it. Additionally, there’s no requirement to jailbreak, because all you require is the iCloud ID and password on the target device.


There are many ways to track your mobile phone’s location without using software. They may work in some cases, but they are not able to offer reliable results. Thus, FreeMobileTracker is a phone-monitoring application that assists you in tracking the location of your phone and fetching the cellular activities of the device you want to track.


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