Best 10 Text Message Interceptors To Intercept Text Messages For Free

Best 10 Text Message Interceptors To Intercept Text Messages For Free

10 ways to intercept Text Messages Free of Charge

10 ways to intercept Text Messages Free of Charge
10 ways to intercept Text Messages Free of Charge

The most advanced technology allows you to remotely examine other messages without giving any indication as to who the person is. Technolgy provides a variety of interceptors for text messages that are able to intercept messages at no cost. Parents who are concerned about their children’s actions can now monitor them via remote. This provides security and lets them be more attentive. There are a variety of monitoring apps available on the Internet. Only a handful of them have been proven to be reliable and durable. Here we present the top free message interceptors are available to test.

Part 1. Top 10 Apps to Block Text Messages and Free

Part 2. [Tutorial] How to Intercept Text Messages for iPhone and Android [Safest]

Part 3. How to Intercept Text Messages by Cloning Text Messages that are not safe

Part 1. Top 10 Apps that can Intercept Text Messages

Part 1. Top 10 Apps that can Intercept Text Messages
Part 1. Top 10 Apps that can Intercept Text Messages

1.) AppSpy


The AppSpy is a monitoring app that is available suitable for Android and iPhone users. Parents love it for monitoring their children’s activities, and professionals use it to monitor the actions of their staff. The app operates in a secret mode. This means that the person you want to track will not be aware of the fact that you have intercepted messages on another phone.

What are the reasons we suggest this text message interceptor?

– It can track exactly where is the intended user.

It can track 29+ kinds of data that are stored on phones, which includes phone calls, text messages and internet history.

Compatible Systems:

It runs the most up-to-date Android as well as the iOS system.

2) FreeMobileTracker

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The FreeMobileTracker is a different, ultimate interceptor of text messages. Because of its high quality and performance, a lot of users of smartphones prefer this application. It is designed with the modern technology and is a great way to track different kind of information.

FreeMobileTracker’s Most Important Features:

It’s easy to install on Android or iPhone devices.

The app lets you monitor various social media platforms including Snapchat as well as Facebook.


It features advanced technology that is very costly.

Compatible Systems:

– iOS 8.4v, iOS 9.0 -9.1 or Android 9.1 or Android new version

3.) TrackMyPhone


Many parents are relying on TrackMyPhone to keep track of their children’s messages. It takes only three steps to remotely monitor the phone that is being targeted. It is easy to download and then install on your device.

The most important features of TrackMyPhone are:

It is able to remotely monitor Gmail accounts, messages logs, and other information.

You can turn off applications on the device you want to block.

It also allows you to easily retrieve deleted messages.


The version of the app that does not have ads has a limited number of options.

Compatible Operating System:

It works with Android versions 4.1 up to 8.1+.

– It supports the majority of iPhone versions.

4) The Truth Spy

The truth spy is a useful monitoring tool that lets you monitor text messages from another cell phone. This app does not work with both Android and iPhone OS. It is intended for the control of parental and employee behavior and for catching an unfaithful spouse.

The Truth Spy Key Features

– It includes an ambient listening feature. This feature allows you to hear the environment around the target device.

The software can also record phone calls of the targeted user.

It’s possible to use the keylogger feature in order to determine what the target user is doing on their mobile.


There’s less information on the Support page than its counterparts.

Compatible Operating System:

Android version below and identical to version 7.1

It works with all iOS versions.

5) Highster Mobile

Another popular monitoring app is the Highster mobile. It’s safe and secure to download and monitor messages remotely. It’s also useful for retrieving old messages that have been deleted. It’s compatible with various devices , including Android, iPad, and tablet.

Highster Mobile Key Features:

It monitors the Instagram and Facebook activities of targeted users.

You can look at images or videos of the device in question.


It could take a time for the downloading process to be complete.

Compatibility Operating System:

– Android version 2.1 and above.

– All iOS versions except iOS 10.x.

6) Spyzie

The Spyzie can be extremely useful to steal text messages from other phones. It is able to operate in completely private mode.

Spyzie Key Features

It’s user-friendly interface.

It is possible to track without rooting your device.


Location tracking functions might not always work with iPhone devices.

Compatible System:

– Android versions 4.0 and up

iOS 10.0 and higher

7) The app Spy Phone

Spy Phone App is a text message interceptor which makes use of sophisticated technology. It is packed with features.

The Key Features of the Spy Phone Application:

It will block the number of apps on the target device.

It can also track your twitter account.


It doesn’t have an option to pay for it, which implies that the app is lacking features.

Compatible Operating System:

It runs on iOS versions that range from 6.x to 9.02.

– It works with the majority of Android versions.


The SpyHuman tracking app is another amazing app which is preferred by many parents who are concerned.

SpyHuman Key Features:

It’s easy to set up.

It tracks a variety of data.


The device doesn’t have the capability of tracking the real-time data.

Compatible Systems:

It works with Android version 3.0 or higher.

9) Copy 9

The SpyHuman tracking app is an amazing app which is preferred by parents with concerns.

The Key Features of Copy 9:

It is easy to install

It’s easily accessible through a browser.

– Call logs and calendar events are available to view on the target device.


It’s no more available to iPhone users.

Compatibility Operating System:

— Android OS 4.0.3 to 7.1.1.

10) MobiPast

Another option is the MobiPast spy application to intercept text messages from another phone. It also allows you to keep track of multiple data.

MobiPast Key Features

– It can monitor messages from a variety of social networks.

The program can monitor web history and passwords of the device in question.

It takes only the time of a few minutes to install the program.


It is only limited in its functions.

Compatible Operating System:

It works on iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7.

Part 2. How to intercept text messages sent by Android and iPhone

AppSpy is the best and safest way to intercept messages sent via text. It can intercept messages on both Android devices and iPhones. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Sign up for an AppSpy Account

Log in to the AppSpy website with a valid email address. You won’t be able to access your AppSpy login credentials if the email address is not valid.

Step 2: Complete the Setup process

Now, complete the process of setting up to intercept texts messages with no target phone by filling target name and age.

Step 3: Selecting an Operating System

You’ll need to confirm your iCloud information when you decide to use the iOS operating system.

If you are using an Android operating system, you need to install the AppSpy app on the target Android phone. If the target device runs Android the first step is to switch to your device and install the app from Once you have downloaded the app, you must grant all permissions needed by the application.

Step 4. Step 4.

You can also intercept text messages from any phone, by simply going to your OWM. By logging into the AppSpy control panel will allow you to read messages. After you log into AppSpy on Android or iPhone and go to any website you’ll be able to see “Monitoring”. To intercept messages, click on the button. This tool lets you remotely track all types of information. This tool operates in hiding mode. This means that the app icon will be deleted from the device of the user.

Part 3.

Phone Cloning is the sole way to steal text messages and then clone them. The technique of phone cloning was used most often by criminals. This method isn’t legal to intercept text messages. It is possible that you will be discovered if you do this. You will then have to face a legal punishment.

You can transfer important data from one device to the next with Phone Cloning. The cloned phone will be the same phone as the original. You can exchange and send data like messages. Because of phone cloning, the messages can be sent or received by both phones. Without any indication that it is happening, the cloner may intercept text messages from the phone in question.

This can be accomplished in two ways:


It’s necessary to replace the chip inside your phone’s battery by a brand new one. This will allow you to modify or change the Electronic serial number or Mobile identification number with software such as Patagonia. Your phone then turns into a copy.


This kind of cloning involves cloning SIM cards. You’ll need to pull out the SIM card. Maintain your device between the SIM and the phone. It will then be possible to get a secret number that is required for intercepting messages.


The apps listed above for intercepting text messages are genuine. These apps allow parents to monitor their children’s activities remotely.


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