5 Methods To Find Lost Android Phone

5 Methods To Find Lost Android Phone

5 Tips to locate a lost Android smartphone

5 Tips to locate a lost Android smartphone
5 Tips to locate a lost Android smartphone

Many people carry mobile phones in their pockets and on their hands nowadays. These devices are able to store many valuable and personal information. They can be lost or stolen. It’s one of the worst nightmares when your device goes missing, is stolen or stolen. There are a variety of ways to track the lost Android Phone or iOS Device. Do not fret if your device is missing. Go through this complete article to find out the most effective ways to locate the lost Android device with just a few steps.

Part 1: Best Way to Track the Lost Android Phone Online

Part 2: How to trace the lost Android phone via Google Account (Google Map).

Part 3: How can you trace an Android phone that has been lost using the IMEI number?

Part 4: How do you track the missing Android smartphone using Android Device Manager

Part 5: Tracking a lost Android phone using Find My Device

Part 1. The most effective method of tracking the lost Android phone online

Part 1. The most effective method of tracking the lost Android phone online
Part 1. The most effective method of tracking the lost Android phone online

FreeMobileTracker, a web-based spy tool that is a complete smartphone monitoring service, is accessible. It is designed for parents to keep up-to the latest on their child’s activities remotely. It works on any Android as well as iOS devices. To have full access to your monitor’s Android device, you must install FreeMobileTracker application. FreeMobileTracker’s location feature allows you to remotely track the location of an Android phone. If someone makes a call from the monitored device, you can see the record of the call along with its duration and time.

FreeMobileTracker does not only provide location-based services, but it can also allow you to connect to other apps on the device. Parents can also utilize this to read text messages, view voice recording of calls, and also access other apps. The official website has the plug-in software. It’s possible to download and install it to your Android device. Once the installation process is completed you can connect to the target device from FreeMobileTracker Web client.

Why should you choose FreeMobileTracker to track your lost Android Phone

FreeMobileTracker does not provide Keylogger support for Android devices. Keylogger allows you to view what users are doing on the device’s keyboard. Keylogger keeps track of every word that is entered by the user on the target device. Keyloggers are a great tool to break passwords of account targets.

FreeMobileTracker provides real-time location tracking. This feature is available in the event that your device is stolen or lost. You just need to click on location to get the current tracking of the device remotely.

Record the conversation on the phone secretly If you aren’t sure about what your child is engaged in the conversation using FreeMobileTracker’s record feature. You can also record remotely the phone call from the device you are monitoring, with their knowledge. The voice recording will be immediately transferred to your computer when the call ends.

Take screenshots remotely: FreeMobileTracker also allows you to capture screenshot remotely. It runs in the background and takes a images silently and without sound. The user has to click Take screenshot in the capture screen. You can also look at and download a screenshot on the target device.

Access Social Apps: If you’re one of those who wants to log into their kid/friends or colleague social app then try FreeMobileTracker. It can work with social applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Line, and many more apps. Just tap on any app and it will direct you to the conversations of your target user.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Track Lost Android Phone at: FreeMobileTracker Free Mobile Tracker App.

Step 1. Create FreeMobileTracker Account

Start a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Navigate to the FreeMobileTracker official website. The next step is to create an account by clicking the “Sign up” button. To begin, you’ll be required to input a valid email ID and password. If you wish to have access to all features then, you can take advantage of paid subscription plans.

Step 2. Enter Information

On the wizard for setting up, type in the name/nickname of the child, age and Mobile Operating System.

Step 3. Setup the Target Android Phone

After the steps above are complete, switch to the target Android device and let Unknown Sources to download a third-party app. Settings > SecurityEnable Unknown Sources. Then, Go to and download FreeMobileTracker plug-in for target Android device.

Step 4. Install FreeMobileTracker App on the Target Android Phone

To start FreeMobileTracker Install the Apk file. Log in with your FreeMobileTracker account and password you’ve created in step 1. Click on Sign in button. Give permission by tapping on”Grant” button. Tap on the “icon isn’t necessary, it’s unnecessary” button, and then click on “Start Monitoring”.

Step 5. Track Lost Android Phone Online

Change to an Android phone to see the intended Android device. FreeMobileTracker web client can be employed from both the desktop computer as well as the mobile web browser.

Part 2. How to locate your Android phone via Google Account (Google Map).

Step 1. Download Google Maps to your device by downloading it from Google Play Store. You can also go to Google maps timeline page via web browser Enter your Google account’s email ID as well as your password. Follow the steps if two-step verification is activated.

Step 2 to start the menu, swipe left on the Google Maps app or tap on the hamburger icon. To move to the timeline section, tap on “Your timeline”.

Step 3: Choose the month, year, and day. The section will be in the upper left corner of a web browser.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed this step the map will display the current location of your device and its history.

Part 3.

It’s best to utilize the IMEI number on your phone because it is unable to be altered. If your Android device has been lost or stolen then register an account with and you will be notified whenever someone has found your phone.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using IMEI Number

Step 1: At the first step, open web browser and open missing phones site by typing in the address field. This will display a text area which is known as Search IMEI. In the text field, enter your Android IMEI number.

Step 2: Hit the “Search” button to start your search. It will then search through the entire database for data about your Android device. Make an account on this website if you are unable to find a solution. The account can be used to contact you in the event your device is located.

Part 4. Android Device Manager: How to track a lost Android phone

Android Device Manager – Steps to Find the Lost Android Phone

Step 1: First, open your browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Start typing Android device manager. You can also type directly on address field.

Step 2: Now make sure you enter login details like Google Email ID and Password.

Step 3: Google Map with your device’s location will open. You will also be able to see different options, including Ring, Lock, and erase.

Ring If you are unable to locate your device, then, try Ring mode. Ring mode allows you to hear sound for up five minutes, or until the device is locked.

Lock This feature lets you to secure your device and shield it from unauthorized users. You can also include an email or phone number to the device’s lock screen. This will be useful in the event that someone does find your device.

Erase: If you’re concerned that your device could fall into the wrong hands and data will be taken. Erase mode allows you to perform hard factory reset that will delete all your device data remotely. It will then begin the rest process even if your device isn’t connected to internet.

Part 5.

Most Android phones come with the Find My Device app. It was designed by Google Inc. to locate the lost device. This app provides a quick and easy way to locate your Android phone.

How to locate your Android phone with Find My Device

Step 1: Open a web browser and search for “find my phone Android” in the address box.

Step 2: Hit on”Find My Device” link. Now you will be on the Google login page. Enter your valid email ID as well as your password, then click Next.

Step 3: Google geo maps will be open when the above process is completed. It will display your device location. There are several choices, such as Ring the lock, Lock, or erase.

Ring: This can be helpful when your device is lost in your home. Simply, tap on it to make a noise with maximum volume.

Lock: It has happened that your device was taken or lost. Fingerprints and passwords can be used to lock your device. Enter a password or a message to unlock the device. If somebody found your device they will call you.

Erase: Most people are more scared of losing their personal information than they are of losing their smartphone. Their smartphones are full of personal and valuable data. You can erase all your data off of your lost or stolen device remotely once it connects with the internet.

Notification The device must be enabled Find My Device on the lost device before this procedure can work.


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