Top 10 Online Ways to Spy on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Top 10 Online Ways to Spy on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone
The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Since 2009, WhatsApp is an integral component of our life. This messaging program has a huge number of monthly active users. The majority of the consumers all across the world need to locate WhatsApp is the terrific way to talk to family, friends, and nearest and dearest. These days’ individuals and companies are using Whatsapp to directly communicate with their clients.

With the introduction of technology, WhatsApp is developing loads of features like Payment, video call, and many others. It contains tons of credentials information such as chat history, audio, and a number of other things. If you think that your kids are something concealing out of you then, you can use WhatsApp spy program to be aware of what they’re hiding. Here in this informative article, we will talk about top 10 ways to spy on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone device.

– Part 1. Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone
– Part 2. How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Online

Part 1. Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Part 1. Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone
Part 1. Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

1. PhoneTracking

PhoneTracking is all-purpose spying app that is compatible with Android and iOS functioning system. There are tons of features presented in PhoneTracking that makes it better than its counterpart. If your kid isn’t telling you about whereabouts afterward, try PhoneTracking. This is a great way to keep current with the real time location of your child. This is not limited to few attributes; you could also spy WhatsApp of your kid device.


It is compatible with major mobile operating system including Android and iOS.
With PhoneTracking, you can easily spy the WhatsApp of the target device.
PhoneTracking also enables the user to get call history and voice call recording easily.
Accessing text messages can also be easy with PhoneTracking. You can view every single delivered and received a message easily.


PhoneTracking is compatible with the Android and iOS operating system, you can use use this application to spy on WhatsApp from any PC, Mac and mobile phones.


This WhatsApp spying instrument is available at $29.99/ Month. |} {(Check Comprehensive price plan >>)

2. CellSpy

CellSpy is basically a cell brand and parental control solution supplier. The CellSpy parental commanding program is a tool which permits the user to know what other person is doing on the phone. Getting engaging with CellSpy, it is simple to track the messages, call logs, GPS location, and many other things. The main characteristic of this tool is you can easily spy on WhatsApp of the target device.


There are more than 25 attributes available on this tool which makes it among the best spying programs.
Tracking real-time location is also easier with PhoneTracking. You merely have to install the app on the target device and gain full access.
With CellSpy, one may also see what other person is typing on the keyboard of the target device.
As a result of its clean user interface, it’s very easy to use. There is no requirement for any special ability to utilize this program.


The CellSpy application is compatible with devices running Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating system.


Basic version starts from $39.99 and superior variant begins from $69.99.

3. GuestSpy

GuestSpy is another WhatsApp spying tool which permits the user to easily spy on WhatsApp of the target device. There are a number of other applications which can be found online but these types of app are very beneficial. It’s available for Android, iOS and a lot of other devices. You can download it in their official portal.


You can easily view messages.
Accessing text message can be easier with GuestSpy. You have to click on messages and you’ll find all received messages onto your target device.
This is great WhatsApp spy app which can be found on the web. It will show you each message, media file, videos, and WhatsApp background with one-click.


This spying tool is expensive when compared with others.
There are restricted Capabilities


It’s compatible with major operating platform such an Android, iOS, and many more.


GuestSpy isn’t free to download; you need to pay $68 per month to utilize this program.

Visit at How to Spy on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

4. SpyEra

SpyEra is another spying application that’s made for mobile devices operating on Android and iOS operating system. There are loads of features are available in SpyEra that’s why this is from the very best spying app list.


The process of installing this program is very easy.

You can also use this tool to control your worker’s activities.


This WhatsApp spy program is pricey.


This tool support devices operating on Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac operating system.


The price of SpyEra is starting from $189 for 3 months.

5. TheTruthSpy

Spying on WhatsApp is quite easy with TheTruthSpy spying tool. There are loads of features available in this spying program that makes spying experience simpler and convenient. This tool is designed for both parents and business owner to protect their children from harmful threats like cyberbullying and other harmful threats on the web.


Getting participating with TheTruthSpy, you can spy on WhatsApp of goal device remotely.
Do not know what your child is doing on a call? You can use this spying program to know what he/she is doing.
You can see web browsing history remotely. It supports each leading browser like google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Features are limited.


This can be used with Android, and iOS.


Standard version starts from $21.99 up to $30.99.

6. Mobile-Spy

Mobile-Spy is another WhatsApp Spy app available on the internet. It’s equipped with a lot of powerful tools to make spying easier for users. It will reveal to you each message that’s sent and sent and received from the target device. You can even get other apps such as Snapchat, Twitter, and lots of more.


Similar to other spying programs, you can view messages and call history of the tracked device.
Tracking can also be easier with GPS monitoring feature of Mobile-Spy. You’re able to track target apparatus anytime remotely.
You can block messages with Mobile-Spy readily.


The must be connected to the world wide web to spy on the target device.


It is compatible with Android and also some iOS apparatus depend on OS version.


Cost starts from $49.97 a 3 Months.

7. PhoneSheriff

It is one of the best spying programs that permit the user to readily access any app on the target device. Engaging with PhoneSheriff, you can easily see real-time place of target device without any issue. You may download it form their official portal site at affordable prices.


This is mostly designed to shield from harmful online threats like online bullying, inappropriate content, and others.
Block phone call remotely.
Set time limit and restriction.
Lock the apparatus.


Just available for the restricted operating system.


It’s compatible with Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.


Cost is starting from $49.00 per 6 months and $89.00 for one year.

8. MobiStealth

It is another portable spying application that’s designed for parental management functions. It is available for people and business owners to know what their employees do. There are lots of features enabled within this tool that’s mainly created for spying. You just have to download this tool out of their official portal and install on the target device that takes couples of moments.


Work on every smartphone from Android to iOS.
Specially created for children and employees.


There’s no enough capabilities.


It’s readily available for Android and iOS apparatus.


It is available at a minimal cost starting from $0.50 per day.

9. Ispyoo

Ispyoo is an expert spying tool available that allows the user to know what other person is doing. This is another Whatsapp spy app that’s designed for the consumer who wants to understand that their children are doing. You can download it from their official website and put in the target device.


There are many of attributes available in Ispyoo which are really helpful.
You can easily see MMS and SMS from the target device.


You’ve got to pay to get all attributes.


Compatible with Android and iOS apparatus


Costs is beginning from $22.99

10. SpyBubble

This is strong phone monitoring tool on the web. It’s available for devices running Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices. There is a wide range of spying tools offered for spying on almost any device.


User friendly, there is not any requirement for special computer skill.
60 days money back guarantee.


There no free version available.


Accessible for Android and iOS functioning system.


You need to obtain this instrument at $49.97.

Part 2. How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Online

Step by Step Guide to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Online

Step 1. Produce CellSpy Account

To start with, you must type online browser and hit enter. Now, click “Subscribe” button and create a free CellSpy account.

Step 2. Enter Information

Then, you have enter details like Target device proprietor, age and device operating system.

Step 3. Setup for Android or iPhone

User has to download and CellSpy software when the target device is running on Android, and the app will be hidden after all the settings (check more detailed steps about how to spy Android phone >>). In the event of iPhone, you merely have to enter apple login credentials like iCloud ID and Password.

Step 4. Spy on WhatsApp

When the above process completed, you have to change back to it web client. Here, you may notice a lot of alternatives such as Telephone logs, messages, and lots of more. Now, click on”WhatsApp” to see all messages that are received and sent in the target device.
Step 5: Schedule will show up on the screen with comparable options such as Play Sound, Find, and Erase.

Step 6: Click on the Find to observe the live location of your lost Windows Phone.

Part 4. Other Things You Can Do If Your Telephone is Lost or Stolen

Change Credentials

First of all, you can change the login credentials such as Mail, Cloud Storage Service, banking, as well as others. It is always suggested by safety experts to instantly change your account password for future avoidance.

Contact Mobile Network Service Provider

The second step is to speak to your mobile network service provider and alter them which your mobile phone is lost. This will aid the cellular service provider to find the device and block all incoming and outgoing services.

Notify Your Employers

If you use that lost cell phone to get business emails or apps, you are able to inform about it for your employers to prevent more problems. This will enable the enterprise to guarantee the confidential information about the company. Maybe, the IT department will delete all business data that is related to your account.

Contact the Bank

This is the significant thing which you must do when you lost your cell phone. If any wrong person discovered your device maybe he/she access sensitive information such as credit card information, and others. You can inform your bank branch to protect credit card, debit card, online banking, or banking information.


Wish to understand how to monitor a lost phone? Here in this guide, we’ve discussed best strategies to find the location of lost Android, iPhone, and Windows telephone place. All procedures are well tested by me writing this article so, you can count on this solution.


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