Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Three Tips to Improve Facebook Location Tracking

Three Tips to Improve Facebook Location Tracking
Three Tips to Improve Facebook Location Tracking

In the world of social networking, Facebook is a well-known brand that has helped to shape a whole new trend. It is a social media site that has billions of users around the world , across all regions and locations. Facebook is an application that allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family even if you live far away from them. You can talk to people as well as share videos and photos with them. Location tracking is also utilized, but it’s not limited to this purpose.

Location tracking on Facebook allows you to follow the exact location of your family members and friends. You can also share your location with them. This feature of Facebook can be used to track a person secretly and effectively without their realizing they are being tracked. No matter the reasons you may have to know where someone is, location tracking is today possible using the appropriate tools.

Part 1 Tracking a friend’s position on Facebook

Part 2: How to deactivate the location tracking feature on Facebook.

– Part 3: How to Find Someone’s Location with FreeMobileTracker


Part 1. How to find a friend’s location on Facebook

Part 1. How to find a friend's location on Facebook
Part 1. How to find a friend’s location on Facebook

It’s simple to make use of Facebook to track friends. You can locate an individual as you and your friends have enabled location sharing on their devices. Marauders Maps can be used to determine the exact whereabouts of your friends. It’s a Google Chrome extension which can track your Facebook friends’ location using chats. The accuracy of tracking is up to 1 meters.

Step 1 Start by downloading the Marauder’sMap Google Chrome extension (from the store for Chrome, or the official website).

Step 2: Grant the developer mode to Google Chrome extensions. Once you’ve done that it will allow the extension to monitor the location of your friend.

Step 3: Go to the chat history of the friend you wish to follow. Marauder’s map could be used to start the process of locating his exact location.

Step 4: Lastly you will be able to see the exact address of the messager who delivered the message.

Make sure to remember that Marauder’s Map only extracts the details of the location associated with a Facebook chat if Facebook location sharing feature is turned on by the device you want to use. If you are unable to track the location of someone using the Facebook chat history if they haven’t enabled location sharing.


Part 2. How to disable Facebook Location Tracking


If you are not the one being monitored Tracking where you are can be quite fun. It can be quite scary to realize that you’ve been tracked for a while without even realizing it. Facebook location sharing was made to allow users to share their location with friends and family. But there are people who seek ways to profit from this feature. Location sharing can be used to discover the work schedules of employees within the company, and later employ it to locate those employees for ransom.

Like all features or apps, Facebook location sharing also has advantages and disadvantages. You can disable location sharing if it isn’t something you want your location to be monitored by anyone else. Disable Location Sharing on your phone. Or , if you just want to turn off location access for the Facebook app, then follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Launch Facebook using your phone’s application drawer. Click on the “More” icon that appears like three horizontal bars. Scroll down until you find “Account settings”, and tap on that.

Step 2: Tap the”location” option, then toggle the button for sharing location information to deactivate it.

You won’t have to share your location with anyone every when you write a text.


Part 3. FreeMobileTracker.


While it’s possible to find someone’s exact location using this method, there are certain limitations. If someone posts their history of location on Facebook it is able to be tracked. But, most people don’t like sharing their locations. Parents can track their children’s movements by using track their movements with location tracking. You might be worried about the location of your child and want to track where they’re. Children can be known to conceal their location. They can tell you they were at a place with a friend but they would be somewhere other.

FreeMobileTracker lets parents monitor their children’s movements through an even more powerful tool. This monitoring and spying tool can be used to track the activities of anyone using a smartphone. FreeMobileTracker is a solution for tracking which can monitor all mobile phones and devices running Android or iOS operating system. FreeMobileTracker is a monitoring program that allows you to track Android users’ locations. Due to Apple’s strict privacy policy the feature isn’t available for iOS users.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at:

Why this Tool is Recommend:

FreeMobileTracker Monitoring application for Android allows you to keep track of the individual’s real-time GPS position. You can simply install the app on your device of your choice, and view their exact location in real-time and the places they visited.

Geofences Alerts FreeMobileTracker is able to track the exact whereabouts of an individual and also allow you to make notifications for specific locations. With Geofences, you can set alerts when the target departs or arrives at a specific spot that you’ve designated.

Text messages can be read If you’d like to look up text messages received or sent by the intended person, FreeMobileTracker even allows you to do this. The names of the sender or receiver can be viewed along with a time stamp.

FreeMobileTracker allows you to view Facebook chats. It keeps a record of all chats and messages. You can read messages according to different chats and conversations.


How to find someone’s position using FreeMobileTracker


Step 1: Visit the official FreeMobileTracker website and click the “Try it Now” button to sign up for an account. Input your valid email and password in the required fields, then press”Sign up”.

Step 2: Once you have logged into the FreeMobileTracker setup wizard, type in the information of the target like name, the age of the owner, and the OS that is installed on the device.

Step 3: Install and download the FreeMobileTracker monitoring application on on your target Android device. Launch the app and sign into your FreeMobileTracker account to begin using it. Make sure that all permissions are granted before pressing “Start Monitoring”.

Step 4: Now you need to sign in with FreeMobileTracker on your device. Start Locations from the control panels. You can see all the information about your location and time stamps for the target.

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