3 Easy Methods To View The Location Of Someone's iPhone

3 Easy Methods To View The Location Of Someone’s iPhone

3 Methods for Locating Someone’s Location On iPhone

3 Methods for Locating Someone's Location On iPhone
3 Methods for Locating Someone’s Location On iPhone

You might be interested in tracking the location of another’s iPhone when you need to. It is possible to track the location of your child, spy on your spouse, or spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s easy to locate an individual’s mobile using the latest technology. You don’t need to have any hacking skill if you want to see someone’s iPhone location. Do you want to know the best way to determine the exact location of someone using their iPhone? There are many fantastic solutions to locate your iPhone’s position that you can find online.

– Part 1. How to locate someone on iPhone in iMessage

Part 2. iOS Family Sharing: How to check someone’s location on iPhone

Part 3. How to Locate Someone’s Location On iPhone Using “Find My Friends”.

Part 4. How to look up the history of your iPhone’s location

Part 5. (Tips) Setting Notifications to when someone leaves a location or Arrives at It

– Part 6. How to stop yourself from becoming a Location

Part 7. Recommendations on the Best iPhone and Android Data Tracker

Part 1. How to see someone’s location on iPhone in iMessage

Part 1. How to see someone's location on iPhone in iMessage
Part 1. How to see someone’s location on iPhone in iMessage

IMessage is a messaging app from Apple that can be used on any iPhone, iPad and Mac device. It allows users to share pictures video, text, and photos messages with others. A different iDevice user. The app offers one of its most important characteristics: it allows you to use iMessages to talk to other iDevice users even if you do not have an active SMS plan. Moreover, with iMessages, you can locate the location of another iPhone or iPad users at any point.

Simple steps to locate someone’s Whereabouts on iPhone by iMessage

Step 1: In the beginning it is necessary to have physical access to the target device and open Messages app from it by tapping its icon.

Step 2: Now you can tap on the conversation. You can also connect with friends or an entire group using iMessages.

Step 3: After that click on the”I” (Information) button that is located in the top right corner of the messaging interface.

Step 4: When the Details interface will open, tap on the”Share My Location” option and choose the duration. You can also choose “Share indefinitely” to monitor your child’s location.

Step 5 5. Now, switch to your own iPhone device and then open Find My Friend to see where your kid is right now.

Part 2. iOS Family Sharing – How to view the location of someone else on iPhone

IOS Family Sharing, one of the most sophisticated functions in iOS 8, or later versions. Family sharing allows family members to connect digitally to one another. iOS Family Sharing allows you to share images, videos and even locations. You have read it correctly. Location sharing is possible using the iOS Family Sharing. Want to know how to track someone’s location on iPhone with iOS Family Sharing? Follow the steps below to learn how.

Make use of iOS Family Sharing to access the Latest Location of Your iPhone

Step 1. The first step is to set up family sharing under Settings > iCloud. Send an invitation to the entire family.

Step 2. Open”Settings” on your other iPhone device, then tap the”iCloud” and then swipe upwards to scroll down.

Step 3: Choose Step 3: Select the “Share My Location” option under “Advanced” settings. The location details of the iPhone device to all family members who are taking part in the sharing with family members.

Step 4: You can see the location of the particular device via or the Find My Friends application.

Part 3.

Find My Friends is a location-based tracking application developed by Apple for iPhone and iPad devices. iOS users can share their location with family members and friends via the application. The functionality of this app is similar to Find My iPhone but, it is only used to locate another individual. The app is no cost on iOS 8 and above devices. Want to know how to see recent locations on iPhone using Find My Friends? This guide will guide you.

Use “Find My Friends” to Locate the location of someone’s iPhone Position” for quick steps

Step 1 Step 1: Open the App Store on the target device and download the Find My Friends app.

Step 2: To turn on the toggle, simply tap “Share My Location”, at the end of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the”Add Friends” button and select your contact by typing Apple Email ID or directly tap on the contact.

Step 4: Tap the”Send” button placed in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 5: You’ll then need to select the option to set the time. Here, we are choosing”Share Indefinitely” to track the location until the targeted person stops the sharing manually.

Step 6: Next, go to your iPhone and tap on the “Accept” button. Click on the “Don’t share” button to stop your target person from tracking your iPhone whereabouts.

So, these are steps to answer the question of how to discover recent locations on iPhone using”Find My Friends”. This article will provide more information on iPhone location hacking.

Part 4. How to view your iPhone’s track history

It’s easy to look up the location history of your iPhone or iPad. Apple provides an official way to get information about your location history in just three steps. Apple keeps records of your location and times , and saves these on their server. You can monitor your track of your location on the iPhone by following the steps listed below.

Simple Steps to View Location History on the iPhone

Step 1: Firstly start the settings by clicking on the”Settings” icon. Scroll down to choose Privacy from the options.

Step 2: The Privacy interface will be displayed Click on “Location Services”. To access the interface for location services you must select the “System Services” button. You will be able to see the system services page. Click on “Frequent locations” to open it.

Step 3: Next go to the bottom to find History Location.

Step 4: Tap the”Area” to display the complete timeline of that specific day or hour.

Part 5.

Do you want to receive a notification in the event that someone leaves the specified location? This is achievable thanks to applications like Find My Friends. With Find My Friends, one can quickly locate the target device, without the user even knowing. Find My Friends also allow users to receive a alert when someone leaves or arrives at a specific location.

1. Open the Find My Friends app on the target iPhone device, and follow the four steps.

– Next, tap on the “Ask to Follow” button. When others have agreed, you can continue the request.

– Select the Notify tab. Choose the next time to: leaves, or arrives.

Input the boundary or point you wish to establish and click the “Done” button. To set the address manually you may also make it manually.

– When the target person is at the spot you will receive a alert.

Part 6. How to Stop Your Own location

Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your location with people? It’s not uncommon for people who wants their location to be monitored. If you’d like to block your own location from being tracked then, you can follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon located at springboard to open the Settings section of your iPhone.

Step 2: Next, tap on “Privacy” and then click on “Location Services”.

Step 3: Click the tab for Location Services and tap the System services button.

Step 4: Tap the “Significant position” toggle to switch off position. Verify your identity by entering an authentic passcode, fingerprint, or Face information.

Part 7. Recommendations on the Best iPhone and Android Data Tracker

FreeMobileTracker is the most well-known name in the surveillance industry when it comes to the most effective iPhone and Android data tracker tool. This amazing tool is able to track a variety of file types that include call logs as well as text messages. It also lets you access to social media applications as well as keylogger features. FreeMobileTracker is compatible with more than 6000 Android devices, in addition to iOS devices that are operating iOS 10 or greater. FreeMobileTracker allows you to locate the device you want to track at any time, from anywhere.

Download FreeMobileTracker for tracking Android at: FreeMobileTracker Mobile Tracker Phone.

Why do you choose this iPhone? Android Tracker:

FreeMobileTracker allows you to remotely take a screenshot of your device to determine what it’s doing.

– You can also view images downloaded from your computer, photos that you have taken along with recorded video on your computer using FreeMobileTracker web-based client.

Each and every GPS equipped Android and iOS device is traceable with FreeMobileTracker.

This powerful monitoring tool can be used to gain access to call history, messages, keystrokes and call logs on the devices of your choice including social media apps as well as other data.


A lot of iOS users want to know how to see their location in real-time using an iPhone. You’ll now be able to locate someone in your iPhone. These techniques have been tried by millions millions of iOS users. If you’re looking to monitor the device that you want to monitor, you can try FreeMobileTracker. This tool for tracking data is great for iPhone and Android devices.


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